Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku

Friday, August 19, 2016

Desucon 11 (2016)

Yep, it was that time of year again, were I was at Desucon, Norway!

I honestly dunno what to write about Desucon this time around, due to I was busy this year working on it (yet again). Though, I gotta say, I enjoyed myself again this year. A lot of nice cosplays, even though I didn't get that many pictures (again, lol xD).

Didn't buy that many figures this year either, I'll put a picture of them at the end of the post, as for now, enjoy the few cosplays pictures I got.

My first time ever seeing an Elfen Lied-cosplay. She even added the arms!

Ay, let's go! Owari no Seraph <3 p="">
This guy... Appearing as the One-Punch Man is just awesome!

Ya know, I really like it when I see good League of Legends-cosplay.

This is Kami Renee, cosplaying as Sailor Moon~

Garen! Oh dear. Oh yeah, he shouted "Demacia!" now and then, which was awesome!

Caitlyn <3 adc="" favorite="" my="" of="" one="" p="" s.="">
Ooooh, My Little Pony~

Uh, yeah. I liked these two.

Just a random picture from where I sat on Sunday.

I also got a figurine like this Shinobu one, just with a donut in her hand. I just seem to be unable to find her at myfigurecollection.net

Also, I just had to get Haruna!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Another Update, Sort Of

Howdy, guys. I see I haven't posted since August 11th.... which makes me a tad sad really. Well, I'd post some stuff earlier, but I just haven't been able to, as I'm busy moving. Yeah, I'm moving! That will be so damn good.

Due to me moving, I haven't been able to watch much anime lately, due to me living at my moms place, til I'm able to move into my new apartment, which might happen within in a week time. I seriously got so much to catch up on.

In other news, I can tell you guys that I have completly dropped watching the PreCure-anime. It was just too much for me! Now, these days, as you should know from one of my earlier posts, I really like shows about idols, like Love Live, AKB0048, Aikatsu and a few others.

I really hope that from now on, that I will be able to post at least one post per anime season. Why? Well, gotta tell you guys about what I am watching and what my opinions are. Might even do two, one for first impression and one for the overall impression. What do ya guys think?

Another thing I wanna tell ya guys, is that once I move into my new apartment, I will pick up my youtube channel again and maybe start writing a story that I will post here at my blog regularly.

Anyhow, what do ya think about what I've written now and my blog in the future? Post your thoughts in the comment-section ;) Stay cool guys.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Desucon 10 (2015)

First off: I'm really, really sorry that this took so long to put up, but I've been so busy with stuff for the few weeks after Desucon, that I completly forgot to write about it, but you know... stuff happened.

So yeah, this year was Desucon's 10th year anniversary and this year we added even more to the convention, namely gaming. Now you might ask, "what kind of gaming?" as gaming comes in many forms. Well, it's the LAN type of gaming if I understood it correctly. I wasn't at the area where the gaming was held, so can't say for sure xD 

Anyways, it sure was fun this year, with many great cosplays and even more people than last year. We got over 10.000 visitors if I remember correctly! Though, what made me a bit sad, was that I didn't get to see Cosplayer - Tine Marie Riis's new cosplay: Valkyrie Leona. She was there on Saturday, but wasn't there for long, as the weekend was quite sunny. 

Since I work as crew on Desucon, I don't really get to see much of what's happening, but I do know that there was a lot of gaming stuff going on this year, we also had the Norwegian "House of Nerds" there. There was also an Norwegian professional League of Legends team there, but I don't remember their names! Well, I'm just a C9 and FNC fanboy!

Anyhow, all I know is that I really liked this year of Desucon and I do know that I'll stick to being crew there for as long as I can!

Almost lastly, here's some of my pictures from this year. Not that many this time around. I'm sorry ;..;

Ahri from LoL. Really liked this one! :)

My god. When I saw these three girls! So awesome! Love you three <3 p="">

Last thing, I actually didn't buy that many figurines this year. I just ended up with three, which mostly is due to me not liking the other figurines that was being sold this year. I must admit, there was a few interesting ones, like Super Sonico, but I won't bother about those yet. I really wanna complete my K-ON collection first! I won't bother taking pictures of them, so I just got the images from myfigurecollection.net

Ayase Eli from the Love Live-series. Gotta love her right, RIGHT!?

Shinobu from the Bake/Nisemonogatari series.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Spring Season 2015

Hello guys, and welcome back.

I know I've been lazy with my blog lately, but it's due to "good" reasons. I've been playing a lot of games and I've been studying at school, which have made me forgetting about my blog.

So the theme for this post, will be about the spring season 2015. I originally started with a few series this season, but ended up picking up another 3 by recommendations on twitter. I've been watching Ghost in the Shell Arise Alternative ArchitectureHibike! EuphoniumNanoha ViVidNagato Yuki-chan no ShoushitsuNisekoiOwari no SeraphShow by Rock and the second season of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.

What I was the most excited for this season, was definetly ViVid and Ghost in the Shell. Those two series, is among my top 3-list of anime.

Some of this series, like ViVid and Hibike! Euphonium will continue into the next season, which I really like, especially when it comes to ViVid. 12 or 13 episodes for ViVid would be too few. I'd guess it will be something like 26 episodes, which is perfect. It might even be longer, we'll see!

Other good series this season, which I recommend, is the Nagato one, Show by Rock and Owari no Seraph. They are all quite different, but still good. If you like anime about music, watch Show by Rock and if you liked the old Haruhi-series, watch the new Nagato, which I dare to say is a spin-off of Haruhi. Haruhi even appears in Nagato, duh. Owari no Seraph is about... vampires. Who doesn't like vampires? Well, I'm sure there is some that doesn't like those blood-sucking monsters. Unless you are one.

Anyhow, since I don't know what you guys have watched before, I will recommend you guys to watch these series: Hibike! Euphonium, Show by Rock, Owari no Seraph, Nagato-chan no Shoushitsu and Ghost in the Shell Arise Alternative Architecture.

Yeah, I recommend you Nagato and Ghost in the Shell. You might wonder why I recommend you those even if you haven't watched anything of them before, right? Well, when it comes to this season of Ghost in the Shell, you don't need to watch the previous seasons, due to Alternative Architecture is pre-Section 9, which the other seasons and movies is all about. When it comes to the Nagato one, you honestly don't need to watch Haruhi, due to as I mentioned before: Nagato is a spin-off. It's a stand-alone series, with no connection to the story that happened in the Haruhi-series. That's as far as I see it.

Here's some picture for you beautiful guys:

Some of the characters from Hibike! Euphonium.

Nagato-tan~ She changed her dere completly.

Two of the main characters from Owari no Seraph.

Vivio from ViVid getting her A.I. She's the cutest... ever!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I have no idea what to write here

I just felt like posting something here, since I haven't done that since fall season. Just wanted to report ya know.

So, I'm sure you wonder what cave I've been hiding in for the last couple of months. I haven't exactly been hiding, just played too many games and been partly focusing on school. I'm currently going to school once a week, studing transport and logistics. Since I don't have a job yet and I don't have an education, I really need this.

I also said I've been playing too many games, that isn't exactly true to an extend. I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a lot and I'm currently taking a break from that game, as it just absorbed too much of that time. I really needed to focus on other stuff.

Currently, the winter season of anime is in full bloom and is coming to an end soon. Are you watching any good shows this season? As of myself, I don't exactly watch many shows this season, as I've done before. Usually, I've been watching around 10 series every season, this time around, I'm watching 3 series, that is if you don't count the longer running series, like Aikatsu! and Fairy Tail. These would be Kantai Collection, The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls and Dog Days"

Though, I'm pretty sure there was a few others series that looked interesting, but it was these three that I really wanted to watch, as I really liked the two first seasons of Dog Days and since I'm a fan of idols (go Mayuyu!) and had watched the first season, I just had to watch the new iM@S. The main reason I'm watching Kantai Collection, or KanColle for short, is that I heard a lot about it and I really like the fanart of the different characters that was out even before the anime started.

My favorite character so far in KanColle, is definetly Kongou. You might wonder why Kongou is my favorite character and not for example... Fubuki? Well, the main reason for that, is that I really like Kongou's personality and her way of mixing English and Japanese. I laughed so much when she said "shit" in one of the earlier episodes.

This would be Kongou if you didn't know already.

I also really like the new iDOLM@STER so far, though I don't have any favorite character there yet. If you haven't watched anything of the anime already or even if you have only played the game(s), you should check out iDOLM@STER.

Well, when it comes to Dog Days, I don't really have any favorite characters there, I like them all, so it's a tad hard to pick a favorite character from that anime. What I do like about Dog Days, is how the different characters interact with each others and how the three main characters from "our world" leaves to this other world for summer vacation. I find that really good and creates the setting for every season.

I've also recently rewatched all three seasons of Nanoha, due to the reason that ViVid is getting an anime adaption and is planned to be released during the upcoming spring season. You have no idea how much I'm excited for that new season. I think telling you guys that Nanoha being on second place on my top 10 list, is enough, being only beaten by Ghost in the Shell. This reminds me, I should really make my personal top 10 list for you guys, so you can "learn" a bit more of me and know which series I hold really close to my heart.

Anyhow, I'm sorry for posting so little. One of the main reasons is because I stopped watching the Pretty Cure series. When I stopped watching that, I also kinda forgot posting to my blog, even though it pops into my mind now and then. 

Thanks for being patient with me and let's hope I get some more posts written in the future! See ya :)